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Automated Membership Payments

We rely on membership as our primary means of support. Automated membership payments make the library more sustainable and help us:

  • better supply the community with free radical and practical information
  • build our book collection to include more rare and unusual things
  • purchase work directly from both local and international independent presses
  • pay key members of our staff
  • train more radical librarians

  • Make your membership payments automated, so that you’re always up to date on membership dues. Automated membership payments keep us cruisin’ and helps us pay for things like toilet paper, soap, and other essentials often taken for granted. Sanitation is important, yo!

    Make a one-time tax-deductible donation!

    We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and can provide an additional tax receipt on request.

    *Donations made this way will not be counted toward membership dues.

    “Jawnboxes” and Community Supported Art (CSA)
    AltLib Store
    Additionally, we’re offering a CSA subscription that functions to support independent and small-press artists in our community, and will allow us to:

  • upgrade our space to offer a community print studio
  • commission projects specifically made to thank you, our supporters
  • commission unique artworks for our space
  • and on and on and on…

  • Any subscribers to our CSA memberships will receive specially selected “jawn” collected in a “jawnbox” to pick up when you come in!

    Jawn – /jôn/ – noun DIALECT • US (chiefly in eastern Pennsylvania) – used to refer to a thing, place, person, or event that one need not or cannot give a specific name to.

    Jawnboxes will be kept here at the AltLib and periodically filled by our volunteers with independent publications, zines, music, and other entertaining jawn!

    Click below to become a Supporter Member or subscribe to an AltLib CSA!

    Get a “jawnbox” at the AltLib that we’ll periodically stock with zines and art from local creators, and our latest signature-style AltLib propaganda. It’s like having a PO Box at the AltLib that you can count on regularly being stocked with groovy objects from our community~

    Get a “jawnbox” with all the usual funk, plus special fundraiser edition art commissions just for our Sponsor Members! You can expect to regularly receive: free tickets to certain AltLib events, screen printed posters, printed clothing, and beyond~~~

    CSA REMOTE SPONSOR: For those who want to support our space as a Sponsor Member and receive a monthly CSA mailing from the Alternative Library with all of the “jawn” created for our Sponsor Members!

    Don’t live in Bellingham, but want to stay connected to the AltLib and receive art from our community? This is for you!