FAQ Regarding Our Relocation:

1.   Is there *any* possible way that we can remain at the Karate Church?

Unfortunately, no. The AltLib was on a month-to-month commercial lease, and the landlord is within his legal right asking the AltLib to vacate the premises. We have made repeated requests for a lease which would give us stability at the church, but the landlord has repeatedly declined to negotiate. Short of the landlord deciding to sell the building to the AltLib, there is no possible way we can remain at the church.

2.   I would like to express my frustrations with the landlord, is that an option? If so, how should I go about that?

David Zhang is the landlord. We are not able to disclose his personal information without his permission, though he does have a Facebook, a Reddit, and receives mail at the Karate Church. While we believe our community’s frustrations should be heard by the landlord, we cannot speak for him in any capacity, including his desire or lack thereof to engage with community response.

3.   What reason has our landlord given for asking us to leave?

As the Alternative Library was on a month-to-month commercial lease, the landlord does not need to give any reason for asking the tenants to vacate the premises. As some may know, the landlord had been a long-time collaborator with the Alternative Library, and his decision came as a surprise to us all. In the “Notice to Vacate” letter that was sent to the Alternative Library’s board, the landlord mentioned personal and long-term differences in vision between himself and the Library. Though we cannot speak for him, the landlord decided the relationship was unworkable.

4.   When are we moving?

The Alternative Library will be out of the Karate Church no later than December 20. We will be moving the collection, bookshelves, and other working materiels the week or two prior.

5.   How long will we be at our new location?

We will be moving to an interim location on a 9 month lease, after which it will automatically become month-to-month. This interim location will provide a temporary home for us while we continue our search for a permanent home over a longer period of time. We will announce our new location as soon as we have signed a lease with the building owners, so stay tuned!

6.   Do we know what will happen to the Karate Church after we leave? Will it be torn down?

As the Alternative Library, we cannot speak for the landlord. While different conversations with the landlord have seemed to indicate that he does not have plans to sell the building and property to developers, we honestly cannot say or know what the landlord truly intends.