An Act of Deception

Robert W. Rude

“In 1971, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act was signed into law. ANSCA awarded the newly established Alaska Native corporations nearly one billion dollars and 40 million acres of land. The award of land to Alaska Natives was a social experiment by Congress. Before ANSCA, Congress awarded Indians land by creating reservations. As an Alaska Native who was in leadership positions for more than 17 years, Robert Rude reveals that ANSCA brought worthwhile benefits to a selected few only, divided Alaska Natives, placed Native lands and cultures in jeopardy, and made Alaska Native Peoples second class citizens. This book examines ANSCA and finds that it was An Act of Deception.” — Emil Notti, President of Alaska Native Foundation

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genre Cultural Studies ยป Native American Studies
publisher Salmon Run Publishing Company
publish date 1996
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