Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Writing Science Fiction

Nicola Griffith

Edited by world-renowned lesbian speculative fiction author Nicola Griffith and science fiction and fantasy publisher Stephen Pagel, this groundbreaking anthology of all-original science fiction stories brings together some of mainstream’s and science fiction’s most notable and daring writers – gay and straight – creating worlds where time and place and sexuality are alternative to the empirical environment.
Keith Hartman’s “Sex, Guns, and Baptists” presents a disturbing view of how the world could end up if the Christian fundamentalists continue gaining political ground; Ellen Klages takes a 90s dyke back forty years to 1950s San Francisco where she discovers her modern sensibilities are utterly alien to the lesbians of the time; multiple award-winning Southern writer, Jim Grimsley, brings us to another world where aliens are all too human. These stories explore physical, emotional and moral landscapes vastly different from the familiar – where nothing is as it seems.

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genre Sexuality ยป LGBTQ Studies
publisher Overlook Books
publish date 1999
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