Blood Song: A Silent Ballad

Eric Drooker

American Book Award winner Eric Drooker brings his second graphic novel – the visually bold and politically charged Blood Song: A Silent Ballad – to Dark Horse in a brand-new second edition! A frequent New Yorker cover artist, Drooker is a contributor to and former editor of World War III Illustrated, collaborated on Illuminated Poems with Allen Ginsberg, and has been a prolific poster, album, and performance artist. The original artwork and sketchbooks for Drooker’s award-winning Flood! graphic novel now reside in the Library of Congress. Consisting mainly of full-page images, spreads, and diptychs, Blood Song is a wordless, full-color tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and the need for that spirit to make itself heard. A young girl travels from her war-torn island to a busy metropolis, from lush jungles to cold concrete and steel, and finds something that eludes most denizens of bustling, noisy, wasteful cities: love.

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genre Literature and Fiction ยป General Literature
publisher Harcourt Books
publish date 2002
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