Brown’s Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook

Michael Halsey Brown

This is brand new 2002 update to the original Alcohol Motorfuel Cookbook from 1979. Author Michael H. Brown has given us another great and useful book. It contains step-by-step procedure for modifications of an average care’s engine to run on alcohol. Also how to build your own ethenal still to keep you in fuel and keep things running. Great illustrations cover the basics in this handy technical guide to alcohol fuel and it’s uses. This goes hand in hand with Brown’s “How To Build a Junkyard Still” book, a necessity if you’re interested in making your own ethanol. With gas at now over $3 a gallon, and climbing, it’s a good idea to get ahold of these books for alternative fuels.

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genre Utopian Studies ยป Homesteading
publisher Desert Publications
publish date 1979
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