Concrete Vol. 3: Fragile Creature

Paul Chadwick

The being known to the world as Concrete is a gentle, reflective soul whose intelligence was transplanted into a seven-foot, granitelike body with astonishing strength and heightened senses. It’s hardly surprising, then, when Hollywood comes calling in the form of the producers of low-budget fantasy flick Rulers of the Omniverse. They want Concrete not to star in their epic, however, but to use his powers to perform the movie’s special effects. Far from the usual superhero challenges, those that Concrete and the rest of the crew face include an interfering new studio head, the director getting fired, and an on-set accident–for which Concrete is blamed–that threatens to shut down production entirely. Chadwick has dabbled in the movie industry, and his firsthand experience imparts behind-the-scenes verisimilitude. This 1991 story was the longest Concrete tale to date, allowing Chadwick additional room to emphasize characterization–his forte–as accentuated by his delicate, finely wrought drawings. A handful of shorter stories of the same vintage rounds out the book.

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genre Superhero ยป Alternative Heroes
publisher Dark Horse Comics
publish date Feb 7, 2006
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