Ecotopia Emerging

Ernest Callenbach

This prequel to Callenbach’s classic Ecotopia is a multi-stranded novel that dramatizes the rise and triumph of a powerful American movement to preserve the earth as a safe, sustainable environment.

The story springs from harsh realities: Toxic contamination of air, water, and food has become intolerable. Nuclear meltdowns threaten. Military spending burdens the economy. Politicians squabble over outdated agendas while the country declines. But then dedicated people begin to respond in their own ways to the crisis, and a fresh hope arises.

A panorama of history about to happen, Ecotopia Emerging weaves many individual destinies into an absorbing epic: the birthing pains of a new nation.

status Lost
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Heyday Books
publish date June 1, 1981
popularity checked out 2 time(s)


  • By Meg Duke -

    A prequal to the famous Ecotopia, this story goes into the specific actions taken by a variety of individuals that gradually lay the path toward Ecotopian independence. If Ecotopia’s the finished product, this is the DIY step-by-step manual how to get there. (Go Ben!)

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