Havamal: The Sayings of the Vikings (in a new and readable translation)

Translated by Bjorn Jonasson

This is the authentic Havamal, the famous northern guide on how to manage everyday life, which gave spiritual nourishment to the Vikings on their long journeys across the seas to discover new lands.
“The Wisdom of the North, Havamal, grants us insights into the heathen world that remain timeless. Although more than a thousand years old, this poetry could have been written yesterday. Much of it seems incapable of becoming outdated, since in important respects man himself has hardly changed in the course of the centuries. The essential qualities of life, too, are still the same as they were in the day that the Havamal was written: A man who has fire, a view of the sun, good health and personal integrity is better placed than one whose life is spent in pursuit of wealth , of luxury and of impressing others.Nothing can take such a man’s life away, for although death is inescapable, his posthumous reputation will never die.”

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genre Spirituality ยป Earth-Based Religions
publisher Gudrun Publishing
publish date 1992
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