herb mastering the art of cooking with cannabis

Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf

Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis offers over 200 pages of gorgeously illustrated recipes that elevate the art and science of cooking with cannabis. Chefs Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf have developed recipes that specifically complement and downplay the taste of the herb so that each appetizer, entrée, and dessert will be enjoyed to the fullest. No special culinary equipment is needed; home cooks can simply prepare an “extraction”―an infusion of cannabis into a medium such as oil or butter―then proceed as normal with the recipe.
Seasoned chefs and cooking novices alike will revel in creating homemade cannabis-infused treats with these delicious, reliable recipes. Discover expert tips on creating consistent and potent canna-butter, canna-oil, and canna-olive oil. Gain a better understanding of dosing levels and popular marijuana strains. Enjoy the art of at-home cuisine in an entirely new way with the first cookbook to treat the humble cannabis herb as the unique culinary ingredient that it is.

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publish date 2015
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    If you’re running an industrial kitchen to make cannabis edibles-with a regular source of twigs, trimmings and other commercial growing by-products -featuring a number of different strains (and it’s all organically grown)-then this cookbook makes a certain amount of sense. Each and every recipe calls for the use of overprocessed, homogenized oil and/or butter infusions. Treating your very own primo buds this way is wasteful, expensive and unnecessarily time consuming-as well as a desecration on the order of boiling vegetables for hours and then slathering them with 1000 island dressing, or pouring ketchup on a very well done steak. There is shockingly little useful information here- HOW COULD THEY COMPLETELY FORGET TO MENTION DOUBLE BOILERS?!? This alone is an inexcusable example of Bad Kitchen Technique. They show little knowledge of/respect for the unique tastes and effects of various strains. There is very little context and zero amount of humor-instead you get Terribly Earnest & Thoughtful self congratulatory screeds alongside glossy, yummy food porn photos (the best thing about this piece of New Age Arriviste coffee table trash).

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