Hope Mirrlees

This is the story of Master Nathaniel Chanticleer, a respectable burgher who learns that his young son has eaten forbidden faery fruit. Lud-in-the-Mist, of the title, is a quasi-medieval town, governed by Master Nathaniel Chanticleer. The town is of the very sensible sort, but being bordered on the west by Fairyland and the Debatable Hills, there are problems in the trafficking of illegal fairy fruit, which Nathaniel’s young son eats.

status Copy #1 (8540): in
genre Fantasy ยป Epic Fantasy
publisher Wildside Press
publish date September 1, 2007
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  • By Aidan Fay -

    Neil Gaiman called this “the single most beautiful, solid, unearthly and unjustifiably forgotten novel of the 20th century.” I donated this so I’m biased but I like it so much that the act of merely donating it made me excited. It’s about a wealthy town with an unhappy mayor who yearns for something exciting in life which comes when his son eats illegal fruit from Faeryland, the country bordering his own but never spoken about in polite society. This was written in the 1920s and was republished in the 1960s in The Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, which also re-popularized books like ‘Gormenghast’ by Mervyn Peake and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ for the hippy era. And its editions have incredible cover art. If you wanna see some cool shit look up Bob Pepper.

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