Marquis De Sade His Life Works

Dr. Iwan Bloch

A detailed, analytical study of the life and times of this brilliant but bizarre personality (and the sexually erotic times he lived in), containing the essence of all his writings, based on research by Bloch in private archives of the French Government, and Bloch’s discovery of de Sade’s unpublished manuscript of 120 Days of Sodom in Marseilles. The work contains a precis of the 120 Days of Sodom, the first attempt systematically to catalog and describe abnormal sexual behavior -100 years before Krafft-Ebing.
A serious academic study of France during de Sade’s time, its sexual morality, de Sade’s works, and the role of sadism in literature, etc., this biography precedes de Beauvoir’s Faut-il Brule de Sade? and began the resuscitation and modern study of De Sade.

The author Iwan Bloch, a German physician, won a distinguished name in the world of science in the fields, of medical history and anthropology.

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