Permaculture Activist #82: Growing Staple Crops

Permaculture Activist

Growing Staple Foods in Permaculture by Mark Shepard
Tell Me Where You Get Your Bread by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger
Staple Crops Without Tillage –
Part 1, Dry Beans; Part 2, Growing Corn among the 3 Sisters by Susanna Lein
Pole Beans – The Vagaries of Phaseolus by Leigh Hurley
Poor People’s Food by John Glavis
Pig-Powered Potatoes by Behann Weick
Growing Rice in Vermont by Erik Andrus with Ben Falk
Who Am I to Farm? by Peter Bane
Working Out a New Farming System by Harry MacCormack
Perennial Staple Crops by Eric Toensmeier
Chestnuts: Staple Foods Do Grow on Trees by Frank Salzano
Acorn: The Perennial Grain by Kyle Keegan
Book Reviews: Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier (Review);
The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs

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