Perspectives on Anarchist Theory: Imaginations (N. 31)

Editors: Maia Ramnath; Laura and Paul Messersmith-Glavin; James Birmingham; Sara Rahnoma-Galindo

The thirty-first issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, 96 page collection of essays, fiction, poetry, art, and book reviews gathered around the theme of “Imaginations.” From the introduction: “Now is a time for courageous imagination, for risking new and untested methods, for allowing our minds to fire and associate freely, and for relying on the darker wisdom of the subconscious. The collective dreaming and deep creativity that drive our connections may be the new tools we need to engage. In this issue, you will find games, pleasures, dancing, and nightmares—new ways to look at the moment in which we find ourselves, and new approaches to build the world we want.”

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genre Anarchism » Anarchist Theory
publisher The Institute for Anarchist Studies
publish date 2020
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