Tala Madani: First Light

Henriette Huldisch, Kelly Shindler, Tala Madani, A. L. Steiner

The latest work from the Iranian-born artist, who brilliantly and subversively explores the sexual politics of the Middle East, is profiled in this book. For more than a decade, Tala Madani has developed a practice centered on playful yet provocative representations of men. In paintings, drawings, and stop-motion animation, Madani creates deadpan and often hilarious satirical works that both mock virility and redistribute the dynamics of power. Disquieting and occasionally disturbing, Madani’s humorous scenarios are a bravely comic reaction to the very real oppression facing women in the Middle East. This book includes essays that consider Madani’s treatment of light, her film work, and a conversation between Madani and artist A. L. Steiner.

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genre Art » Artist Monographs
publisher Prestel
publish date 2016
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