The Art of Self-Directed Learning

Blake Boles

The Art of Self-Directed Learning is a collection of 23 stories and insights that will help you become a more motivated and self-guided learner.

Drawing on a decade of research, adventures, and interviews conducted by Blake Boles (author of College Without High School and Better Than College), this book will inspire you to craft your own unconventional education, no matter whether you’re a young adult, recent graduate, parent, or simply someone who never wants to stop learning.

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genre Utopian Studies ยป Education
publisher Tells Peak Press
publish date 2014
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  • By Aidan Fay -

    I read this in 2 hours or less and it was time very well spent. It made me inspired to work hard in creative ways but also to respect the power of my autonomy and ability to say “no” when people “force” hard work upon me. Kind of a merging of all the good aspects of the philosophies of the counterculture and the dominant culture in relation to work and education. It suffers in that it still kind of revolves around makin money and success stories of naturally highly motivated people instead of finding the success in initial failure, but it still vibes high if you know how to extract the good stuff.

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