The Essential Adam Smith

Adam Smith, Robert L. Heilbroner

The sheer strength of his great work, The Wealth of Nations, discourages many from attempting to explore its rich and lucid arguments. In this brilliantly crafted volume, one of the most eminent economists of our day provides a generous selection from the entire body of Smith\\\’s work, ranging from his fascinating psychological observations on human nature to his famous treatise on what Smith called a \\\”society of natural liberty,\\\” The Wealth of Nations.
Among the works represented in this volume in addition to The Wealth of Nations, The History of Astronomy, Lectures on Jurisprudence, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, and Smith\\\’s correspondence with David Hume.

Before each of Smith\’s writings, Robert Heilbroner presents a clear and lively discussion that will interest the scholar as much as it will clarify the work for the non-specialist. Adam Smith emerges from this collection of his writings, as he does from his portrait in Professor Heilbroner\’s well-known book, as the first economist to deserve the title of \”worldly philosopher.\”

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