The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias

Stirling Macoboy

Hardy camellias reward the gardener with striking and profuse blooms at a time of year when the rest of the garden sleeps. This encyclopedia is the definitive guide to these beautiful and varied flowering plants.

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genre Field Guide ยป Plants / Fungi
publisher Timber Press
publish date 1998
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    This is eye candy in the best way. Lots of pictures-but a fair amount of words as well. When I think “Camellias” I definitely DON’T think “Australia”- but that is where this book is from. A few varieties may go by different names in the US, but most of this seemed fairly “current” and accurate. Note-this book is indexed in our system under “subject” (Camellias) but not under the author’s name or the actual book title-searches using either author or title will come up blank in our current system.

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