The Pomo Tarot: A Postmodern Deck for Navigating the Next Millennium

Brian Williams

Postmodernism has already swept all the major artistic disciplines: art, architecture, literature, dance and music. Brian Williams offers a postmodern twist to the tarot. Each card of the Minor Arcana has been inspired by a modern artwork, while the traditional suits of the Minor Arcana (staves, cups, coins and swords) are transformed into TVs, bottles, guns and money-icons with meaning for 21st-century readers. Among the 22 cards of the major Arcana, the traditional, Jester-like Fool has become a trendy idiot, the Magician has become a scientific expert and the Empress and Emperor have become Mum and Dad. A companion guidebook is included.

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genre Magic ยป Divination
publisher United States Games Systems
publish date april 1994
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