The Wobblies: The Story of Syndicalism in the United States

Patrick Renshaw

Labor History. The IWW is organizing in Bellingham. Wobblies is a nickname for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the revolutionary labor union founded in Chicago in 1905, Patrick Renshaw tells the story of how they planned to combine the American working class, and eventually wage earners all over the world, into one big labor union with an industrial basis, a syndicalist philosophy, and a revolutionary aim. A careful, balanced work. New York Times Book Review. A lively introduction to a trying and violent period in American industrial history. Journal of American History. The story of American trade unionism is a sorry one dirty and tragic and this is one of the worst chapters. Times Literary Supplement.

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genre Activism and Human Rights ยป Labor History
publisher A Doubleday Anchor Book
publish date 1968
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