Tiqqun #1: Conscious Organ of The Imaginary Party


A project that could easily be underrated, this is a faithful reproduction, in English, of the original release of Tiqqun #1. The producers went to great lengths to follow the line set out in the French, including photographs of graffiti in English where there was graffiti in French… as well as some of the design wackiness of the original. (Identifying and finding all the fonts for “Preliminary Materials” alone should get someone a stubbornness award.) One hundred and seventy pages of some very strong theory, these translations will offer fuel to both those who are aggravated by Tiqqun, and those who think they are the bomb. (Includes the stronger version of “Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl”.) While the original Tiqqun #1 was on fairly flimsy newsprint, the u.s. printers have chosen to bind the English version more sturdily, while (we hope) maintaining the feel of the original.

status Requested
genre Activism and Human Rights ยป Activism
publisher unknown
publish date 1999
votes 4

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