To the Indomitable Hearts: The Prison Letters of Luciano

Luciano Pitronello

Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronella sits in prison (house arrest) convicted of the attempted bombing of a bank in Santiago, Chile in 2011. After being slandered and disrespected by the press and disowned by many of his own comrades, six years later he is still fighting for his freedom. This book collects letters to and from him in a passionate and heart-felt collection that is inspiring and touching. A benefit for anarchists imprisoned by the Chilean State. Translated by War On Society.

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genre Anarchism ยป Anarchist Theory
publisher Plain Words
publish date 2013
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  • By Meg Duke -

    Absolutely incendiary. Tortuga’s letters ignite the fire within and remind us why we fight; letters to Tortuga and a compilation of subsequent anarchist actions weave a web of solidarity that defies the isolation of our age and unites international struggles for freedom against systemic oppression.

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