You Are An Ambiguous Pronoun

K.M. Lighthouse

Prologue 11
Identity Crisis in a Unisex Bathroom 13
Composition 16
Kintsugi 18
I Would Wait for You as a Man in Rome, but as a Woman, I’m a Runner 20
Holding Pattern 22
Round-trip Ticket 23
Obscure Object 25
When I Return for Pumkin Curry 27
On Wearing the Dirty Sweatshirt Again 28
An Hour from Canada 30
The Sun’s Out on the Oregon Coast 33
Southeast 28th and Division 35
Translation 38
You Walked to the Grill in Moccasins, but I Had Bare Feet 40
When Being Woman Is Metaphor 41
Epilogue 42

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genre Literature and Fiction ยป Poetry
publisher First Matter Press
publish date 2018
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  • By Irene Vallone -

    Subverted my expectations in a way that I’m still considering, almost a week later, whether or not I appreciated. I was expecting a more explicit account of the poet’s relationship to gender; what I read was somehow even more personal, and left a real emotional impression on me in a way that a lot of similar poetry has failed to do.

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