The Alternative Library is a cooperative, which means that as an organization we are collectively owned and run by our members.

Anyone may become a member!

To start your membership we just need:

    – Your phone number and e-mail address
    – An initial $5 payment towards your membership

A lifetime membership is $100 and can be paid for in one sum or can be paid off incrementally as you use the library.

We ask that members pay $5 for each month that you use the library until you’ve reached your $100 lifetime membership.

Lifetime members are asked to pay $5 yearly to keep your account active and help sustain the library~

Membership payments can be made in person with cash or check, or by signing up for –

As a member you may:

    Check out books for up to a month.
    Vote and request books to be purchased for the collection.
    Apply to be a volunteer