Resources for Small Press and Independent Media

The Alternative Library is one hub in a thriving small-press community with many nodes.
We’ve assembled this list to help connect you with other rad spaces and allied organizations:


AK Press

Black & Red Books

Copper Canyon Press

Dalkey Archive Press

Fantagraphics Books

Feral House

Neoglyphic Media

Picturebox Inc.

PM Press

Seven Stories Press

University of Hell Press

Verso Books

Yes Yes Books

Rad Bookstores:

Left Bank Books (Seattle, WA)

Fantagraphics Books (Seattle, WA)

Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle, WA)

Last Word Books (Olympia, WA)


Sh’Bang (Bellingham, WA)

Short Run (Seattle, WA)

Allied Organizations:

Defund BPD Coalition (Bellingham, WA)

Lookout Arts Quarry (Bellingham, WA)

Slingshot (Berkeley, CA)

Bread and Puppet Theater (Glover, VT)

The Vera Project (Seattle, WA)

Printed Matter (New York, NY)