Review by Judd Morse
Frank Miller's a crazy fucker, but he can tell a good story.

2666: A Novel

Review by Judd Morse
One of the most complex and engrossing novels I've ever read. I can't recommend this one enough. While the length of the book can be a little intimidating, 2666 is actually a collection of five small novels. Each novel focuses on a different character or group of characters, all of whom are somehow tied to the fiction town of Santa Teresa (based on Ciudad Juarez) and somehow connected to the hundreds of murders committed in the area over the course of several years. Bolano was one of the greats.

And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks

Review by Judd Morse
A very interesting exercise in creative nonfiction. Each narrator brings a complexity to the overall plot and the characters around them that compliments the other. These are the Beats as younger, imperfect men; Kerouac is more aggressive, Burroughs is more coherent and grounded. There's also a really cool Afterward by a longtime friend of Burroughs, which details the strange history of "Hippos," providing some insight as to why exactly it took so long for this manuscript to see the light of day.

Dirt The Erosion of Civilizations

Review by Sebastian (John)
An excellent review of why soil, like water, is a seriously endangered resource in the U.S. Read this, and what you walk on every day will take on a whole new perspective...and I hope, a great deal more respect.

Dinosaurs Past and Present

Review by Sebastian (John)
An interesting and well-illustrated book, but becoming quickly dated. There are two volumes to this series, and are best appreciated for the first-class dino art in them. BTW...I taught a dinosaur course for 15 years, so have a bit of experience with such texts.

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

Review by Sebastian (John)
If you want an authoritative counter to the oft-repeated statement that "homosexuality is not normal" this book is it. Documenting same-sex mating in something like 450 species, Bagemihl clearly demonstrates that nature is far more creative in sexual matters than most folks can imagine. Equally important is his discussion of how a "Victorian" mindset distorted early studies of animal behavior, and even continues to this day. An excellent book.

American Gods

Review by Sebastian (John)
Fascinating and refreshingly new take on the fantasy genre. Highly recommended

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

Review by Sebastian (John)
One of the most stimulating books I've read in many years. Thought-provoking, at times humorous, and well researched, this volume will challenge one of the most deeply (and now strongly argued) precepts of contemporary America...Monogamy! Drawing on studies of the Bonomo as well as modern hunter-gatherer societies, the authors argue that some contemporary societies, and most probably early human societies, were "fiercely" egalitarian...and that this extended to sexual relations. One might say that the "hippy" idea of "free love" predated the delightful 60's by many generations, and that it had (and should still have) an honored role in human history. Highly recommended. I loved the book and would delight in discussing it with folks who read it.

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

Review by Future Man
Jodorowski and Moebius are both in top form in this terribly disturbing and reality warping religious science fiction story.

Percy Gloom

Review by Future Man
Do you remember the TV show Rugrats? Since then the creator has been delving into comics and this is her debut. Totally weird, totally amazing!


Review by Future Man
New adaptation of a classic story, turned silent graphic novel by the co-creator of the Persepolis movie adaptation.

Forming Vol. 1

Review by Future Man
Modern mythological origin story exploring concepts of consciousness, spirituality and colonialism.

The Complete Essex County

Review by Future Man
One of the most exciting new writer/artists to break into comics since I started reading. This was his breakout and only a few years later, he is now known for writing some of the best books DC comics is publishing and also writes and draws the awesome post-apocalyptic adventure story Sweet Tooth published by Vertigo.

Six Novels in Woodcuts

Review by Future Man
Beautiful wordless comics told entirely through woodcut prints. Lynd Ward captures the horror of a post-WWI Germany within his existentially horrific style. Expressionism has never looked so good.

The Monkey Wrench Gang

Review by Forest Tapley
This book is incredible! I first read "Desert Solitaire" and so I imagined E.A.'s writing from his nonfiction which was great, but nothing like his imaginative storytelling. "The Monkey Wrench Gang" is an exciting and classic adventure, it's instigating, inspiring, thought-provoking and offers an honest (if idealistic) glimpse into the "radical environmentalist" sabotage culture from the 70s. I particularly enjoy his detailed knowledge and descriptive prose that brings the book to life and educates you in the process. What more can I say? Read it! What a wonderful book!

The Rabbi's Cat 2

Review by Peter Olmsted

The Rabbi's Cat

Review by Peter Olmsted

Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences

Review by Jackson Taires
I received transmission from the future me who read this book and figured some things out. "This book kicks a$$." I trust me.

American Character: A Photographic Journey

Review by David Zhang
some guy took a picture of me that ended up in this book

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