FAQ Regarding Our Relocation:

1. Why is the AltLib moving again? Didn’t we just move?

After a hasty move from the Karate Church last December, we relocated into our current spot, 1309 Billy Frank Jr St. While the landlords have been happy to provide us a temporary home, their ultimate goal for the property is to demolish the building and develop apartments. While we would have preferred moving directly into a permanent home, that option wasn’t available last year.

2. Is there *any* possible way that we can remain at 1309 Billy Frank Jr St?

In all probability, no, although considering Covid’s impact, we can’t say anything with certainty. The AltLib is currently on a month-to-month lease, and the landlords are in the permitting process with the city to tear the building down.

3. I would like to express my frustrations with the landlord, is that an option? If so, how should I go about that?

Unfortunately, the City of Bellingham’s open comment periods for the new proposed building and the proposed demolition have both closed. All comments may be directed toward 1309 BFJ LLC, which can be found on opengovwa.com

4. What reason has the landlord given for asking us to leave?

As the Alternative Library is on a month-to-month lease, the landlord does not need to give any reason for asking the tenants to vacate the premises.

5.   When are we moving?

We anticipate moving sometime between April and July 2021, although our exact move-out date is uncertain given Covid restrictions as well as the city’s permitting process. We will be moving the collection, bookshelves, and other working materials in the few weeks leading up to our move.

6.  Do we have a new spot? Is it permanent?

We are still looking for that ideal long-term home! Although we’re looking into a few different options, we’re open to suggestions and eager to work with local property owners! We ask you to brainstorm and network together with us for any potential leads. Thanks to those who have already contributed in so many ways — we’ll need the support of our entire community to take us to the next level.