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11050683_10155793691960287_7114490689715810417_nSince it was created, the Alternative Library has operated from many different locations. With each move, the library has transformed, adapted and grown, taking on a life of its own.

Now, we’ve found an ideal space and we hope a permanent home for the Alternative Library!

Construction is underway, but we need your help to complete the work we’ve started in remodeling this historical building.


Here’s the breakdown of the costs of this project
(Grand Total: $35,000):

What our new space will mean:

Historical Preservation

The “Karate Church” at 519 E Maple Street was originally built as the First Presbyterian Church in the town of Sehome in 1889. It is one of Bellingham’s oldest surviving churches. Most of its original features are intact, despite decades of being used as a church and later on as a karate dojo. We’re hoping to preserve this iconic piece of Bellingham’s history and continue the tradition of repurposing the building for a new generation.

Event Space

In the church, we’ll have a much more spacious design able to better accommodate the diverse array of performances that we’ve had the privilege to host. We’ve already begun installing sound insulation board into the walls and we’re adding a sound booth to the balcony.


In our previous locations we have offered public programs including classes and workshops, and been host to many group meetings, but attendance was limited due to space restrictions. We’ve restored part of the original wall in the church to create a dedicated mixed-use space, separate from the main library.

Community Store

Our community consignment store will now have it’s own space, where it will be able to develop to carry even more creative work from our members. We want to use this store to support the small-press literary community, artists, and entrepreneurs in our area who help to create a more resilient local culture.

Thanks for your support!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Together we make it all possible.

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