library moveout2

Dearest Members, Patrons, and Guests,

As you may have taken notice:

After a year and a half at our location on Railroad Avenue, it had become increasingly clear that we needed more space, not just for our growing book collection, but for the amount of people who were using the Alternative Library every day!

We have closed down our space on Railroad Avenue and the entire library is now in storage while we prepare to reopen. Though the library is temporarily shut down, a small crew of loyal alt-librarians are working hard to set a strong foundation for the library to continue to build from. We’ve recently become recognized as a 501c3 non-profit business and our board of directors are meeting regularly to discuss the values that will guide us in developing the Alternative Library as a supporter of healthy community.

It’s too early for us to say much about our new space, but we are working with the city of Bellingham to ensure that the library is able to continue in all the ways that we have learned to exist!

We are hoping to make our next space be a permanent location for the Alternative Library, and with this will come the need for better infrastructure to support the projects we want to continue offering for our community. To make this possible we’ll be needing support from everyone who wants to make this dream, many years in the making, a reality!

The Alternative Library

For any additional information please contact us at bellingham.alternative.library(at)