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CONCERT: Pat Keen / TETON / SiLM / Schemes

Bold and experimental art-pop and modern folk music comes to the AltLib!
Doors open at 7:30pm – Music starts at 8:00pm


Pat Keen (Minneapolis, MN) – Formerly a touring member of Wei Zhongle, Ryan Power’s band and Guerilla Toss, the 25-year old musician has spent the past few years touring the country and honing his craft while contributing to a thriving, nationwide experimental-rock scene. Keen’s music mixes meters, employs chromatic, jazz-influenced harmonies and volleys between quiet, tender moments and dramatic swells.

TETON (Portland, OR) – Teton is a trio consisting of composer and vocalist Elizabeth Lovell, percussionist Sam Klickner (of Chicago’s Wei Zhongle), and bassist Andrew Auble.

SiLM (Anacortes, WA) – Drawing heavily from early 80s and 90s sounds of the Post-Rock, Shoegaze, and Dream Pop era, SiLM have developed their own unique sound palette, as iconic as their name.

Schemes (B’ham) – New B’ham group of mysterious origin…

RSVP and more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1965641070342268/