Gently Whispered

Kalu Rinpoche

This compilation of teachings presents the oral wisdom of Kalu Rinpoche, revered worldwide as a teacher of Vajrayana Buddhism. Here are his views on the mastery on the three yanas, the vows of Refuge and Bodhisattva, and the true nature of the mind. Also included are techniques for stepping beyond the Four Veils of Obscuration and Emotional Subjectivity onto the Five Paths that culminate in the liberation of mahamudra, plus a thorough introduction to the visualization techniques of yidam practice, a detailed commentary on the Chenrezig sadhana, and an extensive explanation of the Bardos of Death and Dying. Leavened with humor and fresh insight, this first English translation is an excellent resource for the novice and experienced student alike.

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genre Spirituality ยป Buddhism
publisher Staton Hill Press
publish date 1994
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