Warte Mal! Prostitution After the Velvet Revolution

Ann-Sofi Siden

As drivers on the road from Dresden to Prague cross the German border into the Czech Republic, they pass through the frontier town of Dubi. In all seasons, day and night, women line the roadside. Desperate to attract attention, they shriek at the drivers of passing vehicles ‘Warte Mall’ (Hey Wait!). Dubi was once a resort, renowned for its spas. In the wake of the ‘Velvet Revolution’ – the events which led to the collapse of Communism in Czechoslovakia – economic instability and Dubi’s location close to the economic powerhouse of Germany transformed the town into a notorious destination for sex tourists form the West. Exactly 10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, throughout 1999, Ann-Sofi Siden, a visual artist, and filmmaker, made prolonged trips to Dubi documenting her stay through video, photography, a written diary and an extensive series of video-interviews – detailed and often harrowing testimonies of the experiences of the players in the business of prostitution: clients, police, pimps and the prostitutes themselves. It is this material which compromises Warte Mall, a 13 channel DVD installation that has been shown as a ‘walk-in documentary’ in several major museums in Europe. Siden has made an acute and disturbing exploration of the way in which lives of individuals are bound up in the accidents and complexities of political history. This illustrated catalogue includes a preface by Susan Ferleger Brades, interviews, an essay by Robert Fleck and artist’s biography.

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genre Sexuality ยป Sex Work
publisher Hayward Gallery
publish date 2002
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    This well made hardback (about an often sad and/or horrific subject), paradoxically represents small press excellence. This was my introduction to the Hayward Gallery Press, the Hayward Museum, and artist Ann-Sofi Sidon- lots of cool,wonderful & amazing work by all of them! Concerning a different type of work -sex for money, it is more “business as usual” than ever in the Czech Republic, while human trafficing has spread throughout the world (Orlando Florida!) There is a great deal of information available online about this subject-for whatever that’s worth.This is a book (one among many!) that I would love to discuss-rather than simply describe, as I’m trying to do here. To do so would require a small book of my own about everything from Czech history,the Czech Republic today,Czechs (as people), The E.U., global gentrification, various types of feminism, what “socialism” means, Focault’s arguments about The State, Starhawk’s arguments about politics, the nature of corruption,what “democracy” is, and possible (probable?) divisive strategies by “The Powers That Be”- as well as Art, art and “Art”-not to mention “Art And Activism”! And “state subsidized art”. And THEN there’s the small matter of “the oldest profession” itself-which would need to include families, religions, legislatures and economics-as well as (of course) sex, sexual desires, and sexual relationships Meanwhile,”Warte Mal” has gotten twisted into “Wal Mart” in my head.

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