100 Bears

Magali Bardos

Math has never been this much fun! Way better than your ordinary counting book, this real bear caper tells a wacky, witty, wonderful story too! In an anarchic tale of hunters, feasts, and marauding beasts, we chase the numbers 1–100 through mountains, forests, and cities.

Printed with gorgeous and vibrant colors, this stunning tome recalls the innovation and boldness of Blexbolex’s People and Seasons, albeit with its own distinct artistic mark. 100 Bears effortlessly distills the complex into the entertaining for a new generation of book-loving kids. Jam-packed with intricate detail on every page, children are sure to uncover something new and exciting with each reading.

status Copy #1 (7742): in
genre Children's » Picture Book
publisher Flying Eye Books
publish date 2013
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