Adbusters #111, Vol.22 NO.1-The Big Ideas of 2047


In this final moment of the Epic Human Journey, we take you on a fictional psychic journey into one of the many roads that lie ahead for humanity. This is the most intimate, honest and personal story we have ever told, delivered in the form of a scrapbook reminiscing on a lifetime — from 2007–2047. Adbusters #111 is a time-capsule from the future, a vision, a warning, a repository of wisdom, a practical post-crash survival guide … that will help you to navigate both the dark times and the opportunities which lie ahead.

Featured in this issue:

Margaret Atwood: “We have had many second chances. Now is the time.”
The Future of Rebellion by Chris Hedges
Life after Real Sex
Dmitri Orlov on Social Collapse
Visiting MoMA in 2037
Clive Hamilton reevaluates the Sexual Revolution
Post-crash jobs for unemployed environmentalists by Erik Assadourian
Confessions, secrets and insights about Adbusters and the future of Occupy

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publish date March/April 2014
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