Adbusters #113, Vol. 22 No. 3-Blueprint for a New World, Part 2: ECO


In this invigorating second chapter of the Blueprint for a New World series, we go back to environmentalism’s existential birth, follow the triumphs and pitfalls of this cherished movement through its teenage years, adulthood and senior-home days … through to its eventual death in 2012. We put our finger on exactly what went wrong — why we’ve grown so disconnected, detached and uncaring — and then, halleluja! we jump over the moribund body of the old left, recover our #DeepAnger and start building a new movement with guts, gall and soul.


Kat Stevens on The Big Fail of the Big Green NGO
Why we need to get angry, by Darren Fleet
The ecopolitics behind the world’s hottest conflicts
Kalle Lasn on How to Break the Trance, Shift the Paradigm & Hack the System
Roland Kelts on The Satori Generation
Join the #Mindbomb Campaign!
Why modern philosophy needs the mystical
Another kind of love by Hardt and Negri
The Era of Disembodied Love
Born Again Environmentalism by Stefanie Krasnow
Edward Slingerland on Wu Wei in the West
…and 128 thick pages of nothing but epiphany inspiring content!

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publisher Adbusters
publish date May/June 2014
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