Adbusters #153, VOL. 29 NO. 1-The New Left


Let’s get into something personal right off the hop. Let’s talk about resistance.

Resistance is what people feel when they just can’t face what needs to be done. Something important is right in front of them, but it’s so hairy, so scary in its implications on their life, their cozy way of keeping on keeping on, that they can’t deal with it.

Resistance grips us when our very soul recognizes just how much is on the line. Like right now.

Caught in an existential crisis with no obvious way out, we begin to question the hidden coordinates of our reality and start thinking about a new operating system for Planet Earth. We hatch a new grand narrative, a set of ideas so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a sane sustainable future is unthinkable without them.

And then we deploy them.

In this 200-page mindbomb, we unleash a movement that operates completely outside of geographic borders and political structures — the Third Force — to revitalize the forces of resistance and point the way to a future that computes.

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publisher Adbusters
publish date March/April 2021
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