Annals of the Western Shore

Ursula K. Le Guin

Annals of the Western Shore includes three gripping novels about teenagers struggling to master their own mysterious powers in a dark and often hostile world. In Gifts, young friends Orrec and Gry are heirs to wondrous abilities or “gifts,” as their families call them. But do they want them? In Voices, seventeen-year-old Memer lives in a conquered city where culture and literacy are under siege. Does she hold the key to her people’s liberation? And in the Nebula Award-winning Powers, Gavir, who can see things before they happen, escapes from slavery and embarks on an epic journey to understand who he is, where his gift came from, and what freedom means. This edition also includes Le Guin’s own hand-drawn maps and her talks and interviews about the novels.

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genre Fantasy » Epic Fantasy
publisher The Library of America
publish date 2020
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