Art as Politics: The Future of Art and Community

Adam Krause

The arts originated in the day-to-day activities of human communities. But through the confluence of the culture industry and status driven high art, the products of artistic activities have become mere commodities and specimens of culture rather than integral elements in the fabric of our everyday life. Art has become disconnected from life. What are the ways in which we can reverse this process? How can we make the arts a powerful force in healthy and vibrant communities? Taking his cues from artists, thinkers, and movements as disparate as John Cage, Joseph Beuys, John Dewey, Social Ecology, and DIY punk rock, Adam Krause offers a bold prescription for the future of art and community.

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genre Art » Art Theory
publisher New Compass Press
publish date Feb 24, 2011
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  • By Coco Dunbar -

    This books was foundation in my research on art activism. It is accessible for how dense the concepts are and uses examines from both artists and theorist.

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