Asterios Polyp

David Mazzucchelli

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genre Literature and Fiction » General Literature
publisher Pantheon
publish date July 7, 2009
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  • By Helios Wilson Levick -

    This Book is pretty dang cool. Color overlays like silkscreens, and very stylized drawings. The Story is supplemented with psuedo-intellectual nougets, and multiple visual styles are used to portray moderately complex dynamics to good effect. I am only halfway through right now, so I guess it could get really bad, but right now: awww yeah!

  • By Jasmine (Jammys) Chang -

    One of the first comics I ever fell in love with. Wowww..the art is beautiful and stylized to emphasize cool concepts, it’s ripe with symbolism. The characters are vivid and the plot is intricately woven and clever. Heartfelt and carefully crafted.

  • By Peter Sheppard -

    I’m like halfway done reading this right now. the story begins with Asterios’ apartment burning down on his 50th birthday. Interspersed with the story of his life after the fire, his stillborn brother (who would have been named Ignazio) narrates flashbacks to his days as an architecture professor, his ex wife, and pretty much his whole life. I hope it will explain his whole life up to the fire just in time for him to die in the real time story. The art in the book is amazing! It’s super 90s. David Mazzucchilli uses purple as the dark shade (instead of black) throughout the book and uses yellow, blue and red as accent colors for his present story, his dead brother’s perceptions of his past, and the feminine influences in his life (respectively). His stillborn twin explores various topics abstractly as they relate to Asterios’ life including areas of metaphysics, psychology, art theory, and epistemology.

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