Avengers Vol. 1: Avengers World (Marvel NOW!)

Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Adam Kubert

A would-be world destroyer attacks Earth and the Avengers rush off to face him. Yawn. However, the first issue takes a bit of a twist when Earth’s Mightiest are unceremoniously beaten (even Thor and Hulk) allowing for the promised expansion of the roster which feature several new characters including a new Hyperion (a pastiche of Superman) and a new Smasher (who some might remember as the repeatedly killed off member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard). While the first arc, comprising the first three issues in this volume, seems generic, it soon becomes apparent that this has all been a staging ground for a much grander epic story. By the end of the volume, the nature of the Marvel Universe and what makes Earth so important starts to come into question.

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genre Superhero » Marvel Comics
publisher Marvel
publish date April 4, 2012
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