Belief & Doubt

Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Chrissie Iles, Paul Bloom

Curated by Aspen Art Museum Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Belief and Doubt featured seven artists exploring belief in a spiritual practice as part of an intellectual discourse. As Zuckerman Jacobson states in her catalogue essay: Contemporary references to Godrather than to organized religionin visual and popular culture, are varied, and wide ranging. Belief and Doubt is an attempt to examine this phenomenon while reclaiming belief as a highly personal and idiosyncratic practiceone that deserves the opportunity for reflection outside of politics and the popular media.

Artists include; Slater Bradley, Paul Chan, Sarah Charlesworth, Adam Chodzko, Julie Mehretu, Brent Steen, and Artur Zmijewski

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genre Art
publisher Aspen Art Museum
publish date 2006
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