Bellingham: The City of Some Dude’s Excitement


A poetic novel about family, travel, and the migration of the mind from Oneida, Wisconsin to Bellingham, Washington/ A coloring book/ A journal/ A friend/ A daydream/………. Sept 22, 1996 Dear Lotni, My love, I’m moving to a new place, but know that we are always together in heart. Remember you have many people and spirits that love you so you’ll never be alone. I know you are so strong and we can always call each other when we miss each other. I’m so proud of you for who you are. Always remember to follow your own heart and path. Find that which brings you the most happiness and remember the plants, trees, and animals. We’ll have a space for you when you come. Get ready for the mountains and the power it will feed you. Love Mom. Smile now And know That your sadness will fade As you will see that love never leaves You are in my heart Take care, My precious Lotni

status Lost
genre Literature and Fiction » Poetry
publisher Akimbo Publications
publish date 2009
popularity checked out 3 time(s)

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