Best Erotic Comics 2009

Greta Christina

Comics for erotica fans! Erotica for comics fans! Smart, hot, and cutting-edge, “Best Erotic Comics 2009” features the sexiest, funniest, filthiest, most beautiful, most unsettling, most inspiring adult comics of today, with work by Junko Mizuno, Peter Kuper, Gilbert Hernandez, Ellen Forney, Rick Altergott, Cristy C. Road and many other first-rate erotic comic artists. For erotic connoisseurs who aren’t familiar with the world of comics, this anthology will open up an entirely new world of erotica.

status Lost
genre Sex & Gender » Erotica
publisher Last Gasp of San Francisco
publish date Sept 15, 2009
popularity checked out 6 time(s)

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