Big Kids

Michael DeForge

Big Kids is an all-new, previously unserialized graphic novel that will be published in January 2016. Panther is an unsettling tale about a little girl and her imaginary feline companion that will be published in March 2016

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genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Drawn & Quarterly
publish date January 26th, 2016
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  • By Kryssanne Adams -

    When I first started reading Big Kids, I was diggin’ DeForge’s art style and color palette but overall had a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude toward the story itself. It follows an adolescent summer where a young boy grows up. Sort of.

    And then there was an unexpected twist where the story became (I think?) metaphysical and nothing was as it seemed to be before. From that midpoint on, the imagery and events become stranger and stranger until there’s no going back.

    Unless maybe the boy regresses or gets torn to shreds.

    I’m going to keep thinking about this one.

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