Black Medicine Book

Helge Reumann

Bilingual (French/English) art book by one of the artists that made up Elvis Studio.

Through his most recent works (paintings, castings and drawings), it is the whole of Reumann’s universe that unfolds here, a world full of tension and violence, At the same time very physical when hordes of lobsters attack, armed with studded bats or white weapons, but also a deafer violence – this violence which acts to standardize the world, turning it into a giant desert, a barren land and Cold, devoid of feeling, and given over to the law of the strongest. And then there is this mental violence too, the one that cleanses the brains and annihilates free will, which creates fanaticism and engenders even more violence … If there is often humor, there is little hope In the images of Reumann, and the tribes of anonymous madmen who traverse these landscapes as colorful as sorry seem to blow us that if hell exists, it is populated with demons with a human face. Introduction by Charles Burns, preface by Christian Rosset.

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genre Art ยป Artist Monographs
publisher Atrabile (Author)
publish date May 2017
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