Gerhard Hallstatt

A compendium of all English content from the Aorta and Ahnstern booklets dating from 1.994–1.999: Blutleuchte should be viewed as a meta-historical compendium. The book becomes a romantic vision of Gerhard’s own personal take on many topics that have inspired many and grown into popular themes within the industrial, neo-folk, heathen and black metal underworlds. Gerhard’s research, along with magical-mystery tours to various cultic sites and interviews with prime players in the world of art, music and culture, culminate in a passionate narrative drawn from primary documents, heretical and sacred writings, philosophical treatises, psychotropic experimentations, and experiential learning. The book works through Gerhard’s enthusiasms for various persons and movements, religious sites, architectural accomplishments, natural mysteries, celebratory festivals and scientific advancements.

status Requested
genre Magic » Occult
publisher AJNA
publish date 2011
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