Dash Shaw

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genre Sci-Fi
publisher Pantheon
publish date April 13, 2010
popularity checked out 22 time(s)


  • By Future Man -

    Dash Shaw is in a class all his own with his incorporation of digital art and painting into his graphic storytelling. His stories subtly explore deep philosophical issues.

  • By Helios Wilson Levick -

    This is an Amazing Comic. Dash Shaw, has a rather scientific approach that I find very appealing. The use of a grid based map allows the reader to know where (physically) any part of the story is taking place. The art is so wonderfully, calculatedly diverse. The People intertwined by story are rich, like multilayered cake. Also, damn, there are some incredibly funny moments in here. Tragic Ones too, but what rules it all and gives it power is the sense of realness in the dialogue and events. Also some really complex intercolliding planes of existence and altered states. Way back when, I read this comic as it was written, on the Internet. It is very pleasurable to absorb it in the paper form, a well bound, appeasingly designed package.

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