Bosnian Flat Dog

Max Andersson; Lars Sjunnesson

The 1999 Nato bombing of Serbia. A grenade shell from a Sarajevo souvenir shop. A refrigerator with the frozen mummy of Tito. These serve as the starting points for a descent deeper and deeper down the collective unconscious of the Balkans, where the borders between dream and reality are erased and redrawn until they form a graphic account as exciting as it is fantastic, a tale which could be about our times and a torn Europe but just as well might be a journey into the minds of its authors or a discussion about the essence of drawing.

status Copy #1 (1576): in
genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Fantagraphics Books
publish date 2006
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  • By Meg Duke -

    As absurd as the Balkans are — a blurry blend between brutal reality and realistic satire… Feels like you’re drinking rakija or slivovica…

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