Bottomless Belly Button

Dash Shaw

Bottomless Belly Button is a comedy-drama that follows the dysfunctional adventures of the Loony Family.

After 40-some years of marriage, Maggie and David Loony shock their children with their announcement of a planned divorce. But the reason for splitting isn’t itself shocking: they’re “just not in love any more.” The announcement sparks a week long Loony family reunion at Maggie and David’s creepy (and possibly haunted) beach house.

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genre Literature and Fiction » General Literature
publisher Fantagraphics Books
publish date June 4, 2008
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  • By Jasmine (Jammys) Chang -

    Wow. Each character in this bizarre family drama/comedy/mystery/romance is so intricate, relatable and fleshed out. The web of blood connections is suddenly thrown off-balance as the Loony family’s grandparents decide to get a divorce after 40 years together. The Loony relatives return to the divorcing household to reunite one last time. Shaw follows each Loony and maps out their fears, desires and vulnerable places while interweaving their stories. It’s fricken beautiful.

  • By David Zhang -

    A quirky and humorous book about a family getting back together for their parent’s divorce. At times gritty, with a dash of magical realism. I often laughed out loud at the antics of the awkward, lovable characters going through bizarre (yet totally believable) family drama.

  • By Mike Graves -

    This book made me feel like I was on a really really good vacation and I never wanted it to end. But then it ended. And I was sad. But it was GOOD!

  • By Nate Witham -

    This book falls in my favorite genre, hilarious and existentially heart rending. Some of the panels drip with emotion sans speech bubbles, an image truly worth a thousand words.

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