Building Your Kevlar Canoe: A Foolproof Method and Three Foolproof Designs

James Moran

Kevlar is a strong (40% stronger than fiberglass) material, perfect for building light-weight (35 pounds for a 17-foot canoe), fast, maintenance-free canoes. The only problem with Kevlar canoes is their cost–$2,000 or more. With this book, the most inexperienced home builder can turn out a handsome canoe for an investment of about $600 and a few weekends. The principal tools needed are a sharp pair of scissors and a $5 hand plane–and the method is astonishingly easy and forgiving. Featured are designs for a stable family canoe, a solo canoe, and a wilderness tripper, any of which can be built right from this book.

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genre Field Guide » Survival and Wildcrafting
publisher McGraw Hill
publish date 1995
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