Bumf Vol. 1: I Buggered The Kaiser

Joe Sacco

In the vein of the old underground comix like ZAP or Weirdo, author Joe Sacco promises that BUMF will go where it needs to go, and do what it needs to do.” Though world-famous for his serious, journalistic books like Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde, and Footnotes in Gaza, Bumf promises to echo back to Sacco’s earlier days as a satirist and underground cartoonist. Bumf is a project that Sacco has been working on in between larger projects like Footnotes in Gaza, indulging his love of satire and cartooning. Often puerile, disgusting, and beyond redemption, Sacco apologized in advance, saying he couldn’t help himself. “They expect better things from me. They’ll never put me on a stamp now.”

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genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Fantagraphics
publish date November 2, 2014
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